Botanical Boutiques

While I am not a gardener, I have been on the succulent bandwagon for a while. Maybe it’s their low maintenance yet highly chic look that makes me think it’s the perfect touch of garden glow in any interior space. I don’t seem to be the only one who thinks succulents and terrariums have real value, as the boutiques Paiko in Kaka’ako, Hawaii and Jade & Clover in Dallas, Texas (my hometown!) have adopted the concept of Succulent Bars, a luxury experience where you can create your own trendy succulent plant, allowing you to the choose the type of terrarium, plant species, and even color of dirt. I can’t wait to visit Jade & Clover and create my own chic summer masterpiece.



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Anthropologie’s Makeup Line

Anthropologie recently launched Albeit, their exclusive makeup line. Styled after an Art Deco vibe, the gold plated products are simple yet make a huge difference when added to your makeup arsenal. Find your favorite Albeit product here.

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Holiday Gift Favorites

While the holiday gift season is coming to an end, one of my favorite parts about receiving gifts is all the new products and brands I learn about. This year I received some really useful and unique gifts from so many noteworthy brands, I just had to share.

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  1. Albeit Contour Kit – after binging makeup tutorials, I finally jumped on the contour bandwagon. This compact (exclusive to Anthropologie) is very minimalist and super easy to use – perfect for beginners.
  2. D.L. & Co. Candle – gifted in a beautiful box and even more beautiful packaging, D.L. & Co.’s candles are a lovely and unique take on the practical home gift. My candle’s scent is Flower Market, with such good quality it’s scent freshens my room without having to light it.
  3. Lancôme Beauty Box – back at it again with the makeup! While the whole gift isn’t pictured, this Lancôme makeup set comes with all the essentials as well as products to give your look an extra kit, such as eyelash primer. Didn’t know that was a real thing? Me neither.
  4. Coco Mademoiselle – perhaps my favorite gift (can’t go wrong with Chanel, right ladies?) this perfume is one of those products that has such a personality. With a slightly androgynous spice that mellows into a feminine fresh scent, this perfume was born to be worn on young, strong fashionistas.
  5. Capture Your Style – for all of my fellow blogging enthusiasts, Capture your Style by Aimee Song is a great read on all things promotion, instagram, and iphone photography.
  6. Under One Sky Key Charger – The most unique gift of the season (and the cutest), This little guy satisfies my love for the puff keychain trend and solves my ailment of never having a fully charged phone.

Happy Shopping!!


DIY Gingerbread Houses


With the holiday season comes all of the traditional holiday crafts. Although I love the idea of crafts and baking, after 10 minutes in with a mess and my Pinterest vision ruined, I tend to throw in the towel. However this year my mom found a snazzy cake mold with readymade gingerbread houses! The tool lets you create a little town with 6 little houses, and with just a few ingredients, you have the holiday flare your dining table needed without the huge mess.

We Used:

  • Red Velvet cake mold (of course the traditional flavor is gingerbread, but we decided to change things up a bit and give the houses a red look. The mold works with any cake flavor, so feel free to pick your own look!)
  • Green icing (make sure the icing is thick. The thicker the icing, the less it’ll bleed on the angled roofs and walls of the houses. Also, the thinner the applicator is, the better.)
  • Powdered sugar (perhaps the best touch to the little down is their snow kissed roofs, made easy with a dash of powdered sugar.)
  • 2 Candy Canes (we decided to smash 2 candy canes to embellish the plate. It gave the houses a great holiday vibe – highly recommend.)

Happy Holidays!!!




Shine *Brighter* this New Years

Although I don’t consider myself a big makeup girl, one of my favorite things to explore on the internet is the influx of makeup positive beauty trends, women really showing off their love for glitter and shine. While I might be too afraid to try it, I find myself living vicariously through the women making these tutorials, wanting to get the courage to rock these looks myself! In honor of that, check out one of my favorite beauty trends just in time for New Years: sparkle lips.

If you love the look as much as I do, I encourage you to go out and try it yourself! A good beginner brand for glitter is Beauty Boulevard, a makeup brand with tons of long lasting glitter selections to keep you shining brighter until the clock strikes 12.

(video via UOTV)

The DL on Dirty Lemon

unnamed-1-768x343How Dirty Lemon has earned the title of The College kids Juice Cleanse

It’s been hard to avoid the millions of Instagram posts highlighting well known juice cleanse companies such as Cold Pressed Juicery and BluePrint Juice. To say the least, the juice cleanse trend has intrigued me. However, once I found out that it involved spending 200 dollars to not eat for a week, I decided that this wasn’t the best fit for my lifestyle. With all of the energy spent studying and keeping up with campus activities, not eating would be an unhealthy disaster. But I’ll admit it, the “cleansing” aspect sounded appealing. In the midst of late-night dominos and hyper-caffeinated study sessions, it’s hard to feel refreshed in the college environment. That’s where Dirty Lemon comes in.


Dirty Lemon’s mission claims that their brand, “blends function with modern convenience” encouraging individuals to try their new take on the craze. Instead of spending a week not eating, Dirty Lemon’s cleanses accompany and complement a normal healthy diet, and can make natural changes while tasting great. The cleanse differs in price as well; each 6-day case is offered at a moderate price of 65 dollars, in contrast to other cleanses priced at 360 dollars for a 5 day cleanse. Not only is the regimen cheap in comparison to other juices in the market, but it’s also easy. While most other cleanses on the market require 6-8 juices to be drank a day (wow), DL only requires only 1, with no strict schedule. Each cleanse is made by a team of nutritionists that make all-natural solutions to have us feeling and looking great. As well as natural, DL is transparent about their ingredients.


DL’s branding is just as noteworthy. Their packaging is an innovative take on the cleanse trend: a slick, modern look, with a highly cosmetic vibe. Their website is minimalist and user friendly, and perhaps the most intriguing aspect to the Dirty Lemon brand, is that to order, you must send a text to their company number. The number is available to text 24/7 for first timers and reorders.
After seeing almost every beauty blog rave about the product, I decided to try it myself. I was fortunate enough to receive a case each of the Skin + Hair and Detox cleanse to review – compliments of those at Dirty Lemon themselves.


Skin + Hair

The Skin + Hair cleanse is made of filtered water, cold pressed lemon juice, horsetail (an herb with a high amount of silica), red clover, cayenne, and hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides. This formula is said to improve skin elasticity, hydration, skin density, and increase internal collagen production, resulting in an increase in hair nutrients and health.

The cleanse involved drinking one bottle a day at any time I liked, not affecting my normal schedule at all.  It tasted great, like lemonade with a dash of cayenne.

Even after just one week of cleansing (CEO Zak Normandin recommends two weeks before seeing results) my skin and hair felt replenished. My hair no longer felt weak and thin, visibly shinier and fuller than before, and my breakouts faded away and were replaced with fresh, bright skin. Of course my hair and skin didn’t completely transform, but it did feel naturally enhanced, my body feeling fresh and hydrated too. I appreciated that much-needed boost in nutrients to combat the intensity of daily life at Wash U.


Detox is made of filtered water, cold pressed lemon juice, dandelion root, ginger root, and activated charcoal from coconut shells. The formula works to calm the stomach, support liver/kidney function, and trap impurities before they enter the body. Charcoal acts as a natural absorbing element and laxative.

I drank a bottle of Detox every night before going to bed. This time the drink tasted like unsweetened lemonade, delicious for a sour lover like myself. After drinking every night my stomach would feel warm and soothed, and the next morning I felt fresh and replenished much like I felt after Skin + Hair.

The drink had all the hydrating benefits as Skin + Hair, and also brought on so much positivity. Maybe it was the removal of toxins, or the healthy glow I adopted, but my mood improved, and I felt relaxed and encouraged to make time for self care to keep the relaxation as long as possible. It was a great change from the bloated, lethargic me I had been so used to.


How can I try it?

Skin + Hair and Detox didn’t make my hair grow into a thick long mane, and I didn’t lose six pounds in six days like some cleanses promise. But Dirty Lemon works naturally and honestly, allowing users to continue with a regular healthy diet while getting an extra kick much needed by busy college students. While I may not have changed dramatically, I felt fresh, motivating me to develop a healthier regimen to keep that feeling as long as possible. I was kicked back into healthy habits, For the distressed worn out college kid, Dirty Lemon is the cleanse that will help kick you back into healthy habits.    

Text 917-588-0640 to inquire about ordering a case, or visit or @dirtylemon on instagram to get the DL on Dirty Lemon.

Brunch Bonding

A small recap of a casual brunch with friends I don’t get to see much during the semester. Not only was the food and venue a great taste of hispanic culture, but The Grove St. Louis was an vibrant burst of trendy shops and building art.


Chorizo Molletes at Atomic Cowboy – a great healthy brunch!



The friend next to me decided to try Huevos Benedict – not as healthy, but just as delicious!


After brunch we checked out of the huge murals across the street from the restaurant. My brunch look was casual, but with a trendy twist thanks to a Zara top, black suede bucket bag, and combat boots from Sax Fifth Avenue.

Any other ideas for brunch worthy looks? Comment below!



Açaí Dude

Today I decided to try the long hyped açaí bowl at Nektar Juice Bar. It was good and filling, but one bowl was 390 cals (the lowest out of the options) and probably pretty high in sugar. A good treat, but I’ll probably stick to greek yogurt smoothies and lemon water for now. However, check out these places to get your own açai bowl, or your fresh made juice that I think are worth visiting.

  1. Nektar Juice Bar -6712 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205                                                                        What they got: Açaí bowls, smoothies, and fresh juice, to go or for here. Check out what all the Highland Park health nuts can’t get enough of. nekter_day2_002_cropped_1024x1024
  2. The Juice Bar – 5560 W. Lovers Ln Dallas, TX 75209, 12050 Inwood Rd
    Dallas, TX 75244, 8687 N Central Expressway Suite 2372 Dallas, TX 75225, or 1161 E. Southlake Blvd. Suite 284, Southlake, TX 76092                                                                                     What they got: Fresh juices and smoothies, as well as to go cold presses juices in bottles. Refreshing, good, and with lots of locations, accessible.                                           to-go2
  3. Make your own! While more work, making your own fresh smoothies and juices can really become a better price than expensive juice bars. All it takes is a juicer or blender. Plus, being able to add things like ginger or cayenne pepper to juice can really boost the immune system and cleanse more than the options available at juice bars. Check out recipe ideas here.

Armani Beauty | Product/Technique Review

Today I had the pleasure of being made over by Giorgio Armani makeup artists using products exclusively from the Armani line. What started off as a fun way to kill time before 6:30 yoga ended up being a great experience where I got to snag some Armani product while learning how to add subtle beauty for my not so glam daily look.

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Basically the entire arsenal of products used on me. But don’t worry, I’ll get into product specifics soon!

So naturally the first step to any makeup routine is to put on a primer, or some sort of moisturizer. Since my skin is usually pretty oily (ugh), the Crema Nera Extrema Light Cream put a perfect thin base over my skin, adding no extra shine. The product made my skin feel super fresh and healthy, and the application felt so replenishing too!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.57.41 PM
Check out the product here

Next (and my personal favorite) was the liquid foundation. The product, Luminous Silk Foundation, was voted into InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys in 2013, and I see where the hype is coming from. The foundation was thin but had great coverage, giving a beautiful matte finish without having to use hardly any. It was also one of the first foundations I’ve seen that really matched my skin tone perfectly. I was shade 4.5, and with 20 other possible colors, you could find your match too. Seriously, no yellowy finish (a problem I’ve had with other liquid foundations), no obvious makeup line from your face to your neck, and I glowed in the light subtly, no cake face.

To finish off the face, the Luminous Silk Compact was used for a foundation powder. However, with only 8 possible shades instead of 20, the liquid foundation is a better bet for finding a color and finish you really love.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.11.37 PM
Find your shade here
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.35.43 PM
Check it here








Next was the fun stuff. Eyes and lips! Usually, I try to keep a very monochromatic eye, usually using natural tones to subtly add some drama to my eyes and using black and smokier tones to hike up the drama for special occasion. So for the eyes, only a simple pencil liner was used, and was blended a lot to really not appear as a liner and more as a dramatizer, adding subtle shadows to my to accentuate their shape. To color the crease, Eyes to Kill #9 was used. I included the shade number in there because Armani seems to put a lot of their eyeshadows in compacts to buy, which is helpful, but not for this. The color was nice, and the technique was even better. The color was used like the liner, blending in the color to accentuate shape subtly. It had great results, and I plan to use it with my own products.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.33.49 PM
Explore more shades here

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So, all in all, I took home the Luminous Silk Foundation. I plan to use some daily as a way to add a light glow with good coverage. As well as the product, learning the eye blending techniques made this time totally worthwhile. I loved how my face looked so much more sharp and and dramatic without the actual sign of dark makeup or heavy eyeliner. Try it yourselves! And don’t worry, I made it to yoga on time…with a full face of makeup.